Shop inspiration: Anthropologie Bluewater







Recently I visited the newly opened Anthropologie in Bluewater. For me personally the location is so much better than going to London to get my dose of inspiration. I was speaking to a designer about lifestyle stores and Anthropologie in particular. They really have a great concept and it shows big time. I kept thinking about what is it this store/brand is doing that others don’t? What are they so good at? After the conversation, by the way it was an interview for High In Style..stay tuned, it hit me. Not only they curate beautiful products, they also create this amazing vibe in their stores. It’s the decor, the layout, the way how you move through the store, the music, the products that catch your eyes. You not only buy one of their products, you’re also buying a piece of their lifestyle. A little bit free-spirited, slightly bohemian and very colourful…lifestyle. There is so much on offer that probably anyone can resonate at least with one or two pieces, being a colourful bowl or simple and elegant white shirt. I’m not going to go in details here, I could write a very long blog post about “my favourite finds” but that’s not the point. You need to really experience it for yourself.

Previously only done by big department stores, this concept is still relatively new. Yes, there is The White Company and Laura Ashley that have been doing it for some time but they are so different. I think Laura Ashley really needs to get a grip and update their stores to catch the essence of their brand because whatever they’re doing, it’s not good enough. And the The White Company? They are definitely creating an amazing vibe but it’s not for everyone or all the time. Now and then when you look for something calming and white, yes definitely. But sometimes we all crave for something more, don’t we?  At least I do!!

Next time if you need some inspiration for your project, or are already working with a designer sourcing products, get your (and their) backside in your nearest Anthropologie store. You’ll be buzzing with ideas once you leave and maybe you have few products in your bag to start you off / or set you on the right path. xkb