Shop spotlight: MiaFleur

I came across MiaFleur on Twitter few months ago and went on their site to see what they were all about. You know I’m all bold colours, patterns and textures and so when I landed on their home page it was like an “OMG” moment. Beautiful eclectic furniture, gorgeous lighting, bold accessories. I’m obsessed with this shop!

I contacted them few weeks ago and the lovely owners, Jacqui and her daughter Hollie, agreed to an interview.

Here it is!

  1. Where has your passion for design stemmed from?

Both of my grandmothers were a big inspiration to me in their individual ways. My Italian grandmother’s home was full of beautiful pieces she had collected over the years and her sitting room was like entering a treasure trove and my Scottish gran inspired my love of textiles and gardens. So it has always been there but, under the pressure of a family potato business and bringing up five children, my only outlet was to constantly rearrange my home and garden. Gaining a degree in textile design as a mature student, and with both my daughters having done similar degrees, it seemed the right time to combine our skills, and MiaFleur was born.


  1. Why is MiaFleur so different from other home decor retailers on the market?

We have very eclectic tastes and it can be hard work trying to source really unique items for your home, so we do it for you! We source the very best in quirky interiors and bring them to you in one place. We also believe that our styling and lifestyle photography really helps to give customers a feel for how it would look in their own homes. Which is why we try to photograph each product in different settings and run a ‘One Product Three Ways’ column on the blog to really help our customers make the product look just as good in their own homes.

  1. Are there any particular products/designs/trends that are very popular with your customers?

Our most popular products at the moment are copper – in any shape or form – from colanders to our gorgeous copper stools. We have also had a lot of success with our garden products and we are expanding the range all the time to inspire our customers in their gardens as well as their home decor. Our range of personalised cushions and makeup bags are also popular as they make fabulous presents.



  1. What advice do you give your customers most to achieve the quirky and slightly eccentric look?

Be adventurous and believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think – you are living there – and if you like it, and it speaks to you, then that’s what matters. Look at blogs and Pinterest for ideas and be experimental. Mix it up with a bit of mainstream, a bit of vintage and add some handmade pieces to give an individual look.



  1.    How important is your blog to your business?

The blog is an essential part of MiaFleur as a way to speak to our customers and engage with them, to give our customers styling tips, advice on how to style products and upcycling ideas. We also want to inspire our customers to be adventurous and to try out new trends and ideas and to show them how to mix styles and trends in their own unique way without throwing it all out and starting again.

  1. How has your blog changed since the beginning?

​In the beginning the blog was quite vintage based as this reflected our website but as we have moved away from selling vintage products the blog has moved on also, although we do still use quite a lot of vintage items in our styling as we believe this gives a home uniqueness. The blog has also moved away from places to go and things to see and become more about styling and interior décor tips.

  1. What are your plans for your business/blog?

Our business plan is ever-changing.  As we learn more about ourselves, our skills and what sells we amend accordingly.  We’re still exploring different avenues and finding out what each of us enjoys doing the most, so there’s a few potential off-shoots of the company that we might well pursue down the line which could take us in a different direction accordingly.

  1. What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the design world / retail/ blogging?

Believe in yourself, because if you don’t nobody else will! Don’t be put off by failures, if something doesn’t work move on and try something else. Above all else just keep at it and be open to new ideas and you will succeed.

Thank you so so much for taking time and taking part in this interview, Jacqui! Some really great answers and great tips. I’m definitely all for creating an individual and unique home. I think that’s what design is all about! And I’m so pleased that retailers like MiaFleur are around and making it all possible.

I quickly put together my faves shopping list with which you can’t go wrong. Small changes make such a big impact. Which one do you like? I have a place for the black mirror in mind.


If you want to find out more about MiaFleur or you want to see their full range of products, head over to their website here.


Happy Monday!

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