Showhouse: Hamptons 2013

Even though this Hamptons showhouse is from last year, I think that it is STILL a great source of design inspiration and a masterclass in layering patterns and colours. If you like bold and colourful interiors, this is for you. You can learn so much from just observing other designer’s work which will shape your own style and taste. The great thing about this house is that the scheme is actually in neutral palette.

If you look at the walls they are in earthy neutral tones – soft browns, taupes, greys except the “blue room” but even that room has a neutral flooring. Now notice how the colour scheme is built by adding bolder colours. The living room has a wolf lime green, the bedroom has punch of vibrant sharp pink and lime green and the office has blue-grey, green  and a subtle hint of orange.

The similar pattern continues in other rooms too. Neutral base with pops of colour. Teal, blue, green, orange, pink. Take a look…


Even though each room is designed by a different designer the whole house flows. It has the same vibe throughout. It’s cohesive and well thoughtout.


Wallpaper, textiles, hard materials, statement lighting and accessories all play an absolutely vital role in each scheme. The attention to detail is amazing. Mixing patterns adds character and personality. You can imagine who would probably live in this property. Someone creative. Someone who likes to surround themselves with colour and beauty. Someone who’s not afraid to take risks. But even though this house might be staged a bit I think it’s very practical for all family members too.

Back later with my biz post.

Karolina Barnes


Photo credit: all images via Traditional Home. Many more image can be found there. Go and check them out.



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