Sian Elin fabric and wallpaper plus my project

Sian Elin fabric

Not always I was keen on bold colours and graphics. And, even though I love using them now, I wasn’t very confident having them in my first home. My first apartment, which I completely gutted and remodelled at the age of 20, was very classic. I was always more mature for my age and so I had marbled calacatta polished tiles through out with heavy French cherry wooden desk, Chesterfield sofa and antique footstool which I got covered in heavy kelly green linen. The colour scheme was very plain with white walls, green and little bit of ruby red here and there. The only pattern I had in the space was in form of an antique Persian style rug.


Now fast forward almost two decades and I’m like a different person.  So what changed? How did I get from being total colour and pattern adverse to a dedicated fan? One: I had my two girls. Two: while living in Germany and moving across the Continent for 5 years I absorbed different cultures and widen my knowledge. Three: being diagnosed with a life long condition which resulted in me going blind in one eye. All of these events contributed to change my attitude to colour and pattern.


Rather than being scared of it, I embraced it. I wear it, I surround myself with it, I live with it. So when I came across Sian’s work my heart skipped the beat. Her designs make me very happy. I feel like even if I have a bad day I get immediately uplifted. Her choice of colours and how she combines them in her patterns is very unique.


I think the colours are very appealing and modern. I see using them in girl’s bedroom, home office or guest room. The pattern itself is bang on trend in interiors and fashion as well. The one of the right reminds little bit of Valentino SS15 collection, don’t you think?


I’m planning to upgrade N.B. bedroom from preteen to teen where I’m considering using the Inlay curtain fabric (on the cover photo above). If everything goes to plan it’s going to be a colour explosion, full of her happy personality. These are her favourite colours she chose.



And the patterns and textures we’re currently considering..with resources below.


Sources: rugs / art / pendant / cushion fabric / window treatment fabric / table lamp / pouff

If you want to see the full collection of Sian Elin fabrics and wallpaper, please visit her website here. I’m sure you’ll be inspired. As I said, great for anyone who wants to be individual and express their bold personality.

Karolina Barnes Studio