Simple bedroom spring update

It’s officially Spring. Hurray!! Now the weather needs to catch up and the sun needs to show its face more. Pleeeease!! I’ve been doing some well needed spring cleaning and refreshing our bedrooms a bit. So I thought I share with you my simple bedroom update tips that require no major structural changes and effort but still deliver on “the transformation factor”.

  1. Create a new colour scheme

    Give your bedroom new colours through soft furnishings, bedlinen and accessories.

  2. Bring in the art

    If you love your crisp white linen, inject new colours in through art.

  3. New lighting

    Nice tall (the tallest you can find) table lamps are game-changers. I personally prefer ceramic or glass bases when I need something colourful to fill the space around the headboard.

  4. Change your rug

    Often forgotten element but rugs really make so much more difference. Go for bolder, colourful design. My first pattern I go for is geometrics – stripes, abstract lines, anything that is timeless. My least favourite (last on my list) is floral rug. It requires more thought and deeper research to find one which you won’t get easily bored of.

I created a bedroom update checklist a while ago, after I did this super quick bedroom makeover last summer. You can use it as a guide and shopping list. Let me know if you need any help.