Smart buys: lavender

It’s been a while since I did the smart buys in colour. But what gave me the idea for today’s post, was the beautiful colours of the sky as I was walking Lily (our little schitzu-bichon frize) last night. I’ve never seen such colour in the sky before. I wish I took my phone with me so I could take some pictures. It was lavender going into light sugar pink. Honestly, amazing!

Now, the purpose of the smart buys colour series is to show you different items for your home in one particular colour. So let’s say you’re looking for a pink vase or red chair, that’s what smart buys are all about. If you missed the other colours in this series, you can look at them here: mint, red, lilac, peach, silver, blue, ochre, green, pink, greige, orange, plum , gold, and teal.

Anyway, here are my favourite smart buys in lavender.


SHOP THEM HERE: 1| Mosaic Glass Vase Lamp, from Housing Units, £35 (on sale!), 2| Shanghai Garden wallpaper, from Designer’s Guild, £79 per roll, 3| Kartell Bloom Pendant, from Houseology, £181.50 (on sale!), 4| Kartell Thalya dining chair, from Made In Desing, £166, 5| Jo Malone Diffuser, £58, 6| Amazilia velvet cushion, from Harlequin, £ 75, 7| Valencia Rug Lavender, from Safavieh, POR

Happy shopping! Tweet me if you need any help or are looking for a particular product for your home!

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