Step forward

I never was one of those kids who knew from since they were like 8 years old what they wanted to be. Instead, my life has been a journey of discovery. I worked in luxury hotels as a receptionist and later on in guest relations. I ran two businesses, was a sales rep, training and design co-ordinator, importer, wholesaler, translator, exhibitor, technical and customer support-er, secretary, organiser, designer, product and content creator ..the list goes on and on.

Since my girls were born I worked mainly for myself. After my diagnosis, I thought about my passions and decided to embark on a career in the interior design industry. I worked for somebody else for a while. But I still wasn’t happy. We had to have au-pairs for the time while I was absent and it wasn’t great at all. My kids were badly affected by the experience. So I decided to go solo again.

I went full speed ahead. After a project abroad, which involved childcare juggle again, I decided I’m not in a position to be running big clients with full blown renovations. My girls need me. I can’t allow to have any regrets two years down the line, blaming myself I could have done more for S.B.’s 11 plus exams and N.B’s GCSEs. And so at the beginning of this year I focused on getting smaller projects. Makeovers. I also set up my KB Shop and created My Planner – two side projects to fill in the gaps and make the biz ticking over.


But over this past year I found that perhaps my business model is too early for the market. I’ve been SO lucky to work with few truly great clients this year but it’s not enough to make a decent living. The clients I would like to attract don’t realise the need for my services in a box. And even though I’ve seen the model successfully implemented in the U.S., Canada and Australia, in Europe it’s a completely different story.

In September I launched High In Style magazine completely out of frustration and with no previous experience in publishing. I was overwhelmed with the response we’ve been getting which gives me so much boost. Like when I’m designing, I’m doing something I don’t see as work at all. I love every part of it. From dealing with my contributors, featured shops and interviewees to designing the magazine’s layout, the message behind it and how the content flows. Who would have thought a year ago that I’m going to have meetings about MY lifestyle magazine??  I have a mountain to climb not only with the transition to the AppStore but also with building the readership and organising great inspirational interviews and features.


As I step forward into the New Year I know already that I’m on a new journey. Change is on horizon for all of us. New challenges lie ahead with new mission and new projects – starting with a kiddos room makeover. And the mission? To inspire women who are not happy, who are not fulfilling their great potential. To showcase that it doesn’t have to be that way. To show that you can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it and take action. To empower through design, style and the life stories in the magazine. After all, life should be about experiences and self-discovery.

And even though this may or may not be “it” (only future will tell), I’m happy and content with where I’m heading. But most of all, I’m here for my girls. So here’s to 2016. Let’s make it the best year yet!! xkb