Surface design show review

I can’t believe how quickly the time goes. It’s been almost 2 weeks ago when I visited the Surface Design Show in London. Focused mainly on hard materials this small trade only show showcases the latest trends and technological advances in tiles, stone, wood and metal.  If you couldn’t attend the show, here is my summary.

1. Porcelain tiles

The major innovation in porcelain tile production remains to be the size and thickness, or rather thinness. Manufacturers keep pushing the boundaries making tile sizes to be extremely large and super thin. The currently largest tile on the market is 180 x 80cm. That’s one tile! When you look back at the beginning of the last century the tile sizes were 10 x 10cm. Regarding the thickness the standard tile should be around 8mm. However, now there are tiles available in 4.8mm thicknesses. Imagine how challenging it is to make extremely large tile in thickness like that without breaking. These large tiles allows you to create a seemless floor or wall look which previously could be only achieved with natural stone such as marble. Have a look at the examples below.

See how seemless and unified the floor and wall panels look? This one is from Porcel-Thin.

These two images are from Ceramiche Caesar.

Visually the most popular trend in tiles is imitating natural stones and wood. The printing technology allows manufacturers to create faux marbles to such a high standard that most people wouldn’t know that it is not actually the real thing.


3d textured tiles are also very popular.

2. Recycled materials

The new trend I came across was using recycled materials and turning them into feature panels for walls such as these from Soundtect…


Not only they come in 15 different colours, they can be painted too. And they are soundproof.

3. Decorative wall panels
Anastasia Cederstrema designs unique wall covering from wood, metal and mirror. When I saw her products on display I was immediately drawn in. Have a look at these..



Treated metal and decorative metal panels are great to use as feature walls or behind a bed instead of a headboard. Some of her metal tiles are very light and easy to apply – just with strong double sided tape.

 4. Glass panels in colours and 3d

These glass panels are great for bathrooms but also can be used as art. Backlit glass wall panels are great for kitchen bars or as room dividers. 3d bubble glass art can be made in any colour and size. Great for hallways, don’t you think?



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