Teen girl’s bedroom

Wow, what a week it’s been so far. The kids are at home for half term. Again! The good news is that it’s the last one this year. We’ve been doing some changes upstairs. I was planning to redo N.B. bedroom. Now 13, she needs a new bed since she had one of those loft beds and was struggling getting in and out of it. If you’ve got kids and small bedroom, loft or bunk bed is a great option and space saver.

I bought it for her when she was 7 so it lasted well over 5 years!! During that time she had a desk and sofa underneath, and at one stage, when we had an au-pair, her younger sister shared the bedroom with her. I know, I managed to fit her cotbed and storage cabinet under there as well! Amazing, right?

Anyway, since it’s the holiday we decided to reshuffle some furniture around and move her in our office which means I have to move the office into her old room. Do a swap. My problem? One room is bigger than the other. You see, I’m trying to get the office into half sized room. But at least her new bedroom is easy. More space, bigger bed (double bed actually!), more storage – especially wardrobe. The room is just right for her in terms of her needs now and in future…(I’m looking another 5 years ahead).

Our starting point? Well, she is very I-can’t-decide-on-anything-kind-of-girl so I gave her my wallpaper sample books and after 5 options which she couldn’t decide on because “she loves them all”, I gave her a little push and finally she settled on this Marmara wallpaper from Osborne & Little. It’s from their latest collection and I spotted it in their showroom recently.


It’s silver metallic with cloud like design ranging from soft minty colour to dark teal. It’s actually very grown up wallpaper design for a kids room. I think that it’s a perfect choice though since she won’t outgrow it, if you know what I mean.

I decided to inject some dark blue and hint of richer lavender. Take a look at the design..


One more thing I forgot to mention. Since I’m doing two rooms at the same time, my budget is very tiny. Unbelievably tiny! The bed we already have from our au-pair days, the bookcase will get a fresh lick of paint and so the walls. The curtains are actually from Ikea (still need to go and see them before the last decision is made).

The room has a little corner area (since it’s adjacent to our airing cupboard), which will be utilised as her working area with a desk, notice board, filing cabinet (another paint job) and a chair. I want to zone this out a bit and paint this part of the room with more bolder/vibrant colour. The rest of the room will be painted Farrow & Ball Off-White but slightly diluted with white.

The wallpaper will be the focal point of the space. I might be able to put a peacock chair in front of the bookcase, but have to see how the space is shaping up. The rug is from Heals.

I will tie the colour scheme together with accessories. Here are the textures I’m going for.


In my next post on this project I will cover the storage space in more detail, since it is such an important part of the room design. I didn’t realise how much stuff she has until we started clearing the room out. Even though her new room is much bigger, there is still a need for organising, so every thing has its own place. And you know me.. I hate clutter. So I will need to come up with some system to keep the room tidy.

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