The biggest mistake clients make – style vs trends

If you missed the first part of this mini series, you can read it here. It’s all about how not to get confused with colour selection and colour schemes. Now, today it’s about style versus trends. It’s definitely a blurry line. So many of you are confused about the difference. We all know what the definitions of both of them are but when it comes to identifying them it gets really tough. So there is a tendency of  following trends but never actually living in a home that is your style. Your personality, your uniqueness.. translated in your home.

Once I had a client who told me in our first meeting that her style is scandi.  Her home wasn’t very scandi but maybe that’s where she wanted to go with the design. Then she showed me her Pinterest boards and I was struggling to find anything which would signal to me “yes, I can see that”. So I showed her some examples and we both concluded that she was more inclining to modern eclectic but with clean lines and uncluttered look. She wanted to create a strong contrast but mixing old and new designs. We only took one element from scandi and created something completely new.

Another example: The other day I got a comment on Twitter on one of the pictures I sent via my Facebook that ..”eclectic and colourful are great trends.” Dark walls, copper accents, Juju hats, colour of the year are examples of a trend. Modern, contemporary, traditional, Victorian, farmhouse, midcentury, shabby-chic, industrial, minimalist, Asian are all styles. To make your own style you create your own mix. Take inspiration from various directions and make up your own individual style that no one else has.

It’s always very sad when I get a comment from a clients saying “I want my bedroom to look exactly like this”. You don’t know that (yet) but YOU DON’T. Because you don’t want to end up having the same room or home than someone else. You might have similar items in your mix but the feel and look is completely different.

So how do you avoid being sucked into the trend follower and  be the style creator? Here are few tips, which I hope you find helpful.

  1. Take trends with a pinch of salt and don’t be a copycat. I see so many homes where the kitchen is so different from every other room in the house. In fact, sometimes, each room is SO very different that the whole house doesn’t make any sense. I call it the trend victim house. Each room was done at different times and hence each of them has different trends in it. Look at your home as a whole and create a flow that makes sense.
  2. Create a moodboard – I used to advise my clients to use Pinterest but it gets really confusing so I now prefer the good old prints (magazines, travel brochures, leaflets, books, galleries, photographs, adverts etc). Flick through them and rip the pages you like. Furniture, nature, art, fashion, beauty, jewellery, bags, lighting pendants, kitchens, rugs, wallpaper, pattern, colours; anything that triggers something in you, which you don’t even know why. DO NOT force it. GO BY INSTINCT. Place them on a notice board or large paper which is at least 1m wide. Layer them all out and you should see a pattern coming through. Maybe there are specific colours or pattern that you are drawn to, or furniture style that you like.
  3. Be a style creator. There are no boundaries whatsoever. Get this into your head. There is no right or wrong as long as you feel comfortable with it.  Who says that scandi has to be colour restricted? Inject some beach chic into it and you have your own Californian-scandi chic style.
  4. Don’t fool yourself into something which you like but it isn’t you. The hardest part is not to get distracted and not going on a different path when shopping. Impulse shopping is your enemy. Plan, research, execute.

As always, let me know if you need any help. I’m happy to put you in the right direction. Tweet me your comments or hop on Facebook with your questions.