The decorating resource book

Later posting than usual this week, I’ve been in transit on Monday and so, very slowly, I have been settling into my workoholiday mood. Yesterday was quite full on with sourcing few pieces for my quick master bedroom makeover project here in Prague.

I love shopping and discovering new shops but I must say that doing it abroad, in an unfamiliar surroundings (I left this town almost 20 years ago!),  takes so much more time! I find it more stressful (especially with my  time constrain – I have only 2 days!!) which makes it all less fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything else. But yesterday was just one of those days, which, luckily I don’t get very often.

While I was running around frantically, going from shop to shop, trying to find that perfect piece of art which I pictured in my head and which I would know exactly where to buy in London,  I thought to myself.. wouldn’t it be nice to share with you guys some of the best places to shop?!!

I don’t mean the usual high street retailers whether it’s brick and mortar or online.  I mean the ones that are more known to interior designers. Say hello to SOPHISTICATED STYLE – THE DECORATING RESOURCE BOOK. I’ve put together 25 sourcing places totalling over 100 suppliers, mainly European but also American and Australian retailers and manufacturers who have one thing in common. TIMELESS STYLE. It can be classic, modern or luxe but it’s all about style. 

Sophisticated and elegant.

From living rooms to kids rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. From crystal glass chandeliers to copper taps, exotic silk rugs and statement beds, this resource book is A.MA.ZING! Imagine Joss & Main giving away all their supplier partners. What??! Imagine designers not peeling the labels off (yes that’s what we do sometimes to protect our secret sources!). Imagine you, having access to designer’s secrets. I promise you if you know the brands listed in this decorating resource book, you’re sorted and covered for everything in your home.

SOPHISTICATED STYLE – THE DECORATING RESOURCE BOOK introduces you to traditional British craftsmanship, long standing Italian tradition in design and style, German innovative engineering, French chic approach to contemporary materials and much much more. Some of you might think I’m absolutely bonkers giving this all away but I thought to myself yesterday if I didn’t know these companies in the first place, my life would have been so much harder! And to be honest, with 2 kids and other commitments, I don’t really need this. And so don’t you!

So this decorating resource book is like your own personal product library. Most companies included in the book deliver worldwide or have international representation. I didn’t want to limit the content to one country (even though I might be doing something similar in future, let me know if that’s something of interest). I purposely didn’t focus on one part of the market either. I wanted to showcase companies at various price points. And so each brand has its own price symbol. The pricing system is divided into 3 categories – economy, luxe and bespoke. So for example all producers who craft their high end products by hand or design one-offs are in bespoke category.

But that’s not all. By downloading SOPHISTICATED STYLE – THE DECORATING RESOURCE BOOK you automatically will be entitled to some of my designer trade discounts. Now you can purchase and save at the same time. Note: this is not a sponsored post or anything like that. As you know by now I never do sponsored posts on my blog! I’m basically sharing my sourcing advantages, I get, with you!

The decorating resource book is very interactive which means that all links are clickable so if you like something and want to find out more, with a simple click you can see the full range of products straight away. Easy! You can save it on your computer as a reference for later if you want and shop when it’s the right time for you.

I really hope you will find this resource book useful.  One more thing. A bonus. I’m offering 30 min Skype consultation free of charge with me. We can discuss products, your home, your aches and pains! This is only for you, if you download the decorating resource book. After our session you will receive a step-by-step solution instructions and tailor made resource list. Just for you!


Simply click here and put your name and email in. And voila! It couldn’t be easier!!

Let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you. The best way to reach me is via Facebook or DM me on Twitter.

Karolina xx