The pattern of music



I need music in my life. The reason why I love driving (being a taxi driver to my kids) is because I can sing as loud as I can making all these emotional faces and hitting the high notes without anybody staring at me like I’m some kind of a crazy woman. My car is like a stage. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. My voice sits probably somewhere mid range so when the big song comes along, I’m squeaking my heart out which basically means perfecting my signing skills.

I see music as a colourful and complex medium. It has layers, depth and textures. Similar to fabrics. One clever lady took this notion to the next level and created a stunning collection of designer fabrics. Nadia-Anne Ricketts is a genius. As a professional dancer and weaver she managed to combine both disciplines and created these beautiful fabrics based on the sound of particular songs. From classical to techno, Beatwoven can make you a fabric version of your favourite song. The pattern of music.

The result is a hardwearing luxurious material which can be used for cushions, curtains, soft furnishings, wall coverings or framed as a piece of art. Personally, I’d love to have a skirt made for the upcoming festive season. That’s not actually a bad idea because you can buy the fabric by metre as well!!

Now, who should I let design my perfect skirt? Ralph Lauren or Chanel?

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