The three biggest game changers for your home

Definition of game changer: an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something. 

Why did I write this first? Because before we can even think about how to use the following three game changers for your home, we need to understand what it actually means. You know, we all are constantly bombarded with design advice and tips. Tips on how to create your dream kitchen, how to choose the perfect window treatment, how to do this and that. But, to me, nothing is effective until we make that mental shift. Until “we get it”.

Truthfully, for me, it was until I studied my interior design diploma course, that “I finally got the message”. They say design is all in detail and that’s exactly what these game changers are about. I see many of my clients focusing on the big things like sofa, furniture and flooring, but that’s not enough. We need to turn out attention to the smaller details.

So even though you might have already read about these game changers before, to make them work for you and to actually improve your home and bring it closer to your vision, we need to make that shift first. We need to be open minded, little bit experimental and above all pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone!

Let’s dive in.


Yes, yes, I know! You’re worried that you won’t like it once it’s up and that’s why you always tried to avoid it. I was like you. I used to think it’s too difficult to install (not like paint) plus the hassle of taking it off as well. It’s better not to bother at all, right?


Then I tried it bit by bit in my home and on my client’s projects and finally “I got it”. No other material can give you similar effect and feel like wallpaper. The colour combinations, textures and finishes, not even mentioning the endless choice of styles and pattern, only wallpaper can give you all of that on one roll! It’s that simple.

To give you an example of how much wallpaper can make a difference, see my two recent projects below. And yes, they are totally pinable for you to keep them!



Convinced? Of course, that you don’t have to wallpaper the whole room. If you still need some confidence in wallpaper as a game changer, consider framing it like this..


You can’t go wrong. Plus it’s not so in your face. Perfectly liveable with, with the added bonus of colour, texture and pattern for individuality and interest. Wallpaper is a game changer and once you discover its benefits, you’ll wonder why you didn’t go for it sooner.

2. RUG

Okay, so game changer number two are rugs. I still see many of you not utilising this great design element in your home. When it comes to rugs it’s all about layering. So the biggest takeaway here is not just stop with your carpet. Layer it with area rugs, rug on rugs to introduce texture, colour and pattern to your space. Rugs are great for defining key zones of your interior. Put them under your sofa and seating area, under your dining table, around your bed, in the playroom or kids room for added softness and comfort.

Here’s an example of my daughter’s bedroom. She really doesn’t need the rug there but that’s not what it’s about. By having the rug there, I balanced the colours out against the bold wallpaper. Plus I introduced a new pattern to break up the scheme a bit too. It much softer on her feet than the cream carpet which she really loves.




I wrote here before about “the cushion power” but if you missed the post, I just want to show an example of how you can change your home with cushions. It’s easy, quick and non-permanent. Build a whole new colour scheme with your cushions and instantly refresh your living room or bedroom. Sticking with my daughter’s bedroom have a look at this small transformation.

Hope that this will encourage you to use these game changers and start seeing the benefits! Tweet or contact me if you need any help.

Karolina Barnes Studio