The untrendy

In the last quarter of the year, Pantone, Dulux and other colour authorities release their colour trends for the upcoming year. Even though I’m always curious what they’re going to do, I don’t take it too seriously in my design work. The reason being is that I see the colour trends more as a commercial guidance. Pantone, in particular, influences the markets the most, I’d say. Manufacturers such as fabric and wallpaper houses, retailers and homeware makers and designers will be pushing and displaying more of the 2016 colours, trying to persuade us to “be trendy”.

It’s very easy and tempting to get what’s in front of us. I totally get it. BUT. It’s not what we’re about. As fashion and the way you dress gives you the opportunity to express yourself, the same applies to your home. First though, you need to know what you like so you don’t get influenced by what’s everybody else dishing up in front of you. For example, the “must-have” fashion status called the Uggs (boots) completely passed me by for one simple reason. They’re not my style. To me, they are one of the most unflattering shoe a woman should wear. Originally designed by Australian surfers to keep their feet warm (in sheepskin) after surfing, they became “popular” in the last decade or so. However, this trend wave has been fading away in recent years with the sheepskin boot making only 30% of all Uggs sales. As they say: fashion comes and goes but style remains.

Similarly, home decor industry has trends too. We are bombarded with “must-have” colours, materials and the way we use our interiors. We are told that stainless steel is out and black appliances are the next big thing. That copper replaces chrome and fireplace is the “must-have” focal point. But none of this should matter. Unless, of course, it’s what you’re about.

And so when you see more of the Rose Quartz and Serenity (some examples on the moodboard above), take it with a pinch of salt and be “the untrendy”…because next year a new colour will come in and will be the next trend. As I said you need to find out what your style is. How? Create a Pinterest board, rip pages from magazines, create moodboards by instinct and most of all be willing to take risks!