Types of presentation drawings for a client

Today it was back to drawing for me. I though I share with you some insight into how a designer prepares presentation drawings.

Let’s take a look at my bakery commercial project from KLC which I already wrote about here last week.For a client to better visualise the proposed design, I would normally prepare the following:

1. Floorplan – furniture layout (image above)This is a basic drawing of the floor plan. Imagine that you remove the ceiling and look down on the room. This is a vital drawing which shows the furniture arrangement, entry point, all windows and the traffic flow of the space. If the drawing is done to scale one can exactly work out and plan the size of furniture and spacing inbetween. This spatial planning is vital first step in designing the room.

2. Elevation (example of wall 1. on the floor plan above)

bakery elevation
Elevation is a focus or a view on one wall. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of the room and your eyes are focusing on one wall only. The drawing shows objects which are visible when looking at that particular wall. For my clients I draw all four elevations / walls of the room as it is important to see what’s going on on each wall e.g. wallpaper, paint, artwork, shelving, fireplace and other details.

2. One point perspective drawing

bakery perspective
To put it plainly this type of drawing shows the interior’s back and 2 opposite side walls. This is the most commonly used visual drawing as it is quick to draw and easy to understand. It is not so detailed as each elevation but it shows the overall design and feel of the room.3. Two point perspective drawing

bakery perspective
Two point perspective drawing focuses on one particular corner of the room showing two walls. Imagine that you are standing in one corner of the room and your eyes are focusing on the opposite corner. It is not always necessary to use this type of drawing in presentations. However, it can help as another form of visualising the room more clearly.By the way if you wonder what the 3 circles are below the drawings, I always like to show the materials and textures of my proposed design on the bottom.

Let me know if you have any questions and comments.


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