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I have put together helpful resources which I wish I came across when I started my business, blogging and design journey a year ago. I have collected links, podcasts and videos that I grouped into 3 sections – BLOGGING & SOCIAL MEDIA, BUSINESS and INSPIRATIONAL STORIES.



How to create a content for your blog

I discovered Grace Bonney and her blog Designsponge by listening to her being interviewed on Jess Lively Show. From the start she made a lot of sense and you can tell by listening to her that she has loads of experience and is willing to share it. I really enjoy her podcasts which are very interesting and informative. This podcast, in particular, is for anyone who is struggling with getting ideas for their blog content and how to make the content structured and  most effective. A must listen material!

Social media basics

Again from Grace Bonney, this episode covers social media basics, each platform pros and cons and why you should be online present on those platforms.

Growing your blog audience and generating traffic

I discovered Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income website and podcast quite recently so I have a lot to catch up on but I found this particular episode very helpful. As a new-ish blogger I find that generating traffic to my blog is one of the biggest challenges. So this episode is for anyone who struggles to find and increase their audience. A must listen material!

Social Media Strategies

Again from Pat Flynn. This time talking to Laura Roeder about social media tactics. This is the latest most updated podcast on social media I found so far so the information is very current. A must listen material!

Is it too late?

This podcast episode is by The Fizzle Show which I listen to regularly. It covers the issue of whether it is harder to enter the blogging game now than when it was in its infancy. All answers are there if you listen to it. And no, it’s never too late! But there are some great tips on how to make your content interesting and epic.


Blogger Bazaar

A great resource website for WordPress and Blogger users.



Maria TV

A must MUST resource for any small business owner. Lots of great information and tips on how to run your biz. From generating sales, web design, online presence, to marketing, staff issues. Anything you need help with. Just one big resource which will help your blog or business to grow. Maria Forleo is very funny too. There are so many videos which I find so brilliantly useful but here are my top 3s:

How nobody needs  what you are selling

Great branding which you need to learn from

Branding strategies

Social Triggers

Another great resource for any business owner. Looking at business and consumer’s behaviour from a psychological point of you.
My favourite video is:

How to become business famous




Jess Lively and her “The Lively Show” was the first podcast I ever listened to. Every week she invites interesting guests from all walks of life and talks to them about their journey, their ups and downs and any advice they can give. A must listen material to get inspired.

Wardrobe remixing and closing biz

Business and capsule wardrobe

Blogging, biz and motherhood

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Did you find these resources helpful and interesting? If so, please write me a short comment. 

Karolina Barnes
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    Dear Karolina, thanks so much for sharing this….. I am a fellow KLCer starting up my ID studio in Switzerland next year after my first big project is underway…. so much to take in but great to hear other inspirational stories and get accurate advice!

    1. Post

      Thank you very much Amanda. I’m glad you find my content useful. I wish you all the luck in the world in getting your interior design biz off the ground. Please do come back and let me know how you’re getting on. x kb

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