Want to update your kitchen? – part 1.

Few months ago I gave our kitchen an update on a very small budget. It’s been now almost 5 months and it still looks great. The paintwork is holding up nicely and I have noticed that cleaning and maintaining it is much easier as well. Even my mum said to me that the splashback is so much easier to wipe down. My friends and neighbours keep asking me how I came up with the colour scheme and the whole makeover concept. Many of them never thought about putting wallpaper in the kitchen.

How did I get the idea?

I think the best way to start is to understand your style and knowing what your favourite colours are. I see so many people asking for advice on style and colour for their home but, to me, it’s not very helpful. It does the opposite, confuse you even more. It’s like going to the hairdresser, letting them do whatever they want and leaving with a crazy blue Mohican. Okay, maybe not that but if you’re putting trust in others, especially strangers who don’t know you, you’re taking a risk of not getting what you wanted in the first place.


So to understand style and colours you like, you need to get inspired. I used to rip pages out of magazines but now I find it easier and faster to go online and search through specific image libraries. Seeing some really great interior design ideas by professional designers, bloggers and design enthusiasts will help you to discover what you like and what you don’t like.

Each time you see something nice either save it or bookmark it. You will notice that certain style, pattern or colour keeps reappearing in the “collection” of images you’ve been saving. And that’s your main guide. It’s little bit subconscious (since you’re saving your references mainly by impulse) and “woo-woo” but it’s absolutely vital not missing this first step. If you don’t do it, you’re risking having someone else’s kitchen or even worse a showroom “model”.

Now, the word “guide” is very important. The idea is to take inspiration from various places or images and never copy one to the tee. You might like certain type of material on one and an oversized pendant on the other, so bring them together into your own space. No one says “this won’t go with that”, if it feels right for you. Be confident. That’s how you bring your own personality and yourself into your home, and in this case your kitchen. Don’t worry what others will say, you might even give them some ideas and inspiration.


So what is the best way to inject some personality into your kitchen?

The simplest way is to treat it as any other room in your home. Kitchens are usually spaces that lack personality the most. Why? Because many of us are forgetting about hanging up a piece of art or bringing in a small rug or runner. The window treatment is also usually neglected. We are mostly concerned about the materials for flooring, kitchen cupboards, work surfaces and splashbacks but we forget about the details – taps, handles, statement lighting, trims, wall colour, wallpaper, art and textiles. They might seem little and unimportant but they make a huge difference. So when you’re doing your research, pay attention to the details too. They will be the game-changers in your kitchen.

Stay tuned for part 2. where I dive in more into the next steps of kitchen update which are the planning and sourcing stages.


P.S. I wrote this post in collaboration with Homify, an online platform, where I’m registered as a professional member, full of home decor ideas and inspiration.