Wardrobe vs home decor

*To my regular readers..I’m still alive..and I didn’t disappear from the blogosphere either. I just came back from planet magazine, our February issue was published last week,  and also half term school break was on, so I had to unplug for a bit…which was very nice but now I’m playing catch up!!!*

I just got back from London Fashion Week and Scoop London which runs alongside it. It got me thinking.. how many of you can say that your home reflects your wardrobe. It doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly the same but I think that there should be a common element which says: “yes, that’s totally her.”

Take for example a specific pattern..like leopard or animal print. Many lovers of this particular pattern have at least one piece of clothing and a rug or cushion in their home. For me it’s definitely bold colours and geometrics. But both my home and my wardrobe are not defined by bold and/or geometric pattern. Neither screams in your face red, orange, green and every other bold colour under the sun. Rather, there is a hint, a gently link between the two. As I was going through my wardrobe clearance the other day, I realised one thing..teal seems to be one of the colours I’m most drawn to, subconsciously. I have teal velvet curtains in our living area and I have a teal tote bag, a sweater and few accessories .. like a scarf, flats and crystal beaded necklace in my wardrobe.

Now, should your home reflect your wardrobe style? To some extend yes. I had a client once and she was all about simple, clean, contemporary lines.  Black was her favourite colour which she mixed with plenty of white, grey and beige. She naturally gravitated to simplicity, both in interiors and fashion. She was always looking for simple, flattering cut, something timeless. Well fitted jackets and dresses that show off her petite figure the best. She loved textures but mainly in solid natural colours. Her home was an extension of that. Very minimal, uncluttered with modern Italian furniture, textured marble fireplace and white polished floors. We introduced black on details as accent and plenty of natural texture through cushions, curtains and rugs.

So should your style or your “thing” be on trend?  Maybe to some extend.. and only if it fits within your style. To me, personal style should take precedence over trends. Many years spent in retail taught me one thing; trends are guides for commercial use. Trends define what we will see in shops. It’s more about what’s currently being popular. Sometimes I get clients asking: “what is the current trend in kitchens or furniture?” My reply to them is that that’s a wrong question. What you should be asking yourself is if I look at all the offerings or inspiration, “what do I like?” Keeping your home and wardrobe up to date by having few trends here and there is fine. But having a home that looks like the trendiest showroom isn’t.

So my question to you is: what is your ONE element or elements that link your wardrobe to your home decor? Have a little think and correct yourself, if needed.