What colour front door for my house?

Today I’m over at Doordeals giving some advice on “What colour to choose for front door for my house”. I’m discussing bold colours in particular.  I must admit that now it’s probably the best time to look around your front door area and get it upgraded before summer starts. Yes, mine needs some TLC too!

You must check out the other 10 design experts talking on this topic. There are some really great tips for any property style and location including these:


“Forget fashion or fitting in: don’t worry if grey is all the rage, or your neighbours have all gone for green. Instead, think about what makes you happy. Temper your choice by remembering that colours do look different outside in natural light. But then go for something that will make you smile and lift your spirits every time you come home.” – Jonathan R Jones – Writer on art, design and interiors – jonathanrjones.wordpress.com


“A front door is the first impression people are going to get of you and your home. When walking down a street, an unusual door will stand out from the crowd. A Wow front door will reflect the personality and style of the person living behind it. So it’s a chance to be as bold (or reserved) as you feel. And remember first impressions are all about the details. Invest in a smart door mat, nice post box – don’t forget a quirky knocker to finish it off!” – Maxine Brady – www.welovehomeblog.com


“The colour of your front door should be an extension of your own tastes. If you feel like a bright pink door, then why not?! But I would recommend looking at the houses either side of you on the street, does your chosen colour compliment them, or will it stick out like a sore thumb? I firmly believe that a beautiful colour is better than boring white or black. Be bold, and brighten your street with a flash of colour”. – Lou Archell – littlegreenshedblog.co.uk

If you’re curious about what the other experts say and see all 11 tips, go and read the full article here.

Right, I’m off to the Clerkenwell Design Week. Stay tuned for reporting back later!

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