What sofa to buy and not to buy

purchasing a sofa

So I walked into the pretty average sofa shop the other day and had a shock of my life. I couldn’t believe some of “the models” on display and people actually looking at them and even considering them as a potential purchase. Sometimes I think retailers should have more responsibility for what they put out there. Anyway I did a little research and identified 4 standard sofas you shouldn’t buy and which, I think, are complete waste of money. What’s even more shocking is that they are not even cheap! They look cheap but they’re not! They’re like over £1000!! Outrageous! I just can’t see any sense in that what. so. ever. Now, drumrolls… brace yourself because here they come…


You know sofa is one of the investment pieces of furniture that should serve a purpose, a function but also be aesthetically pleasing, which basically means looking good for a very very long time (maybe at least 10 years plus?). There are certain types of classic sofa styles which I think are always a good choice like the chesterfield sofa for example, but I know to some of you that might not be your cup of tea. Some of you want something more modern and family friendly. So I came up with 4 basic alternatives all under £1200 which go well in any space and any colour scheme or style.

sofa shopping guide

Colourwise I think I’d go for a neutral sofa like creams (yes even with kids as long as it has removable and machine washable covers), taupe, grey etc. and inject some pop of colour with an armchair or cushions.


Choose a sofa that is within your style, lifestyle, your requirements in terms of space, size and longevity and go for hardwearing fabric in neutral colour which is easy to work with (in terms of decorating and pulling your room together).

What do you think? Agree or disagree?

By the way, I wrote a post about matching furniture here, which you might be interested in as well. Happy shopping and please avoid those monstrosities at all cost!

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