What’s in the box?

Today I’m finalising my nursery/home office e-design project. While putting the box together I thought I show you what’s actually in it. I’ve noticed that many e-design services only offer e-design via email but I want my customer experience to be more “high end” but remotely, if you know what I mean. The story behind creating the box goes back to one time when I ordered a “designer” t-shirt from Harrods. When the box arrived I felt like I was pampered. The t-shirt was in a black box with a white ribbon and when I opened it there was a beautiful personalised card for me and the item was wrapped in a gold tissue. I loved it! The attention to detail was brilliant.

So when I decided to launch my e-design service I wanted to be different than anybody else offering similar service.  The box is quite time consuming to produce but the main aim is that my client receives a great personalised service. So let’s have a look.

room design


Now, each client has different requirements and wishes so each box is slightly different accordingly. Different tissue colours, different content. But I always put all the drawings in – concept, 3D visuals, samples and shopping list. The box is also accompanied by step – by -step guide where I describe to my clients how to take the project from start to finish. I’m also on hand via email and Skype where needed.

Even though these projects are managed remotely I’m always happy to work with my clients as I would normally do with any other clients.

If you have a room which needs redecorating, redesigning or just taking it to the finish line, please let me know. I’m always happy to help. Just contact me via email or have your say below.

By the way, I’m changing my website to accommodate purchasing this online design service more easily. I’m just working on integrating the different options with my e-commerce so the process will be much simpler than it is now.

Stay tuned!

Karolina Barnes Studio