White ceiling pendant

I have been looking for an unusual ceiling pendant for one of my projects. I must admit that I struggle to find something which is not the usual crystal, acrylic or glass pendant, you know, the predictable suspects

which are now so widely imitated that you can get them in B&Q. It’s so annoying that for example a beautiful hand made crystal glass chandelier is copied in cheap-er materials like plastic or acrylic.  What used to be exclusive lighting is now mass market low quality product. To an untrained eye there is not much difference visually, but the quality is like chalk and cheese. Anyway, here are my top 5 options which I’m considering…

1. Black & white number – loving the contrast

2.  White Beaded Chandelier – becoming now popular, quite feminine

3. Classic with a modern twist – can’t resist the geometric pattern

4. Of course I have to include this Jonathan Adler piece – simple but sooo modern


5. Buzzing electrons, Sputnik-like-ish


Which one do you like? You can view my favourite lighting in my Houzz ideabook and on Pinterest.


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