I started working with Karolina on my granddaughter’s bedroom. I wanted to give her something really special and thought this was a great idea. I was very pleased with what she came up with after we discussed the brief. She also encouraged my granddaughter to get involved so she would feel like a grown up and make her own decisions. Everything was building up to the final reveal which was a received with a big smile on my granddaughter’s face and some surprises too. Seeing the room on a paper and then in reality was like a dream come true.

k2712, Kent, U.K.

I approached Karolina in the middle of my open plan living and kitchen renovation. She was very helpful and made my project run smoothly and on budget. I’m normally very conservative in my colour choices but through her I discovered my style and taste for pattern and bolder colours. I love my living room and everybody who visit us love it as well. I can say that the space is now truly me! Thanks Karolina for all your help and guidance.

Carla, Prague, CZ

I just needed to tie my master bedroom together after we laid a new flooring. With Karolina’s help I managed to make my bedroom look the way I always wanted. We talked on Skype and via email and she sent me her drawing which was very easy to follow. With only one trip to Ikea my bedroom looks clean, pulled together and clutter-free. I highly recommend Karolina to anyone who needs help with their room and have only a small budget!

KS, England, U.K.