I launched in September 2015 with  a mission to “empower through style and colour”.  The magazine doesn’t follow trends as such, rather it showcases unique point of view on timeless, understated yet elegant living. From home, art, fashion, shopping to beauty and travel, our readers can get inspired by beautiful imagery and helpful advice from our expert contributors.

We try to avoid the information overload and so its layout and content is easy on the eye and fluid. The magazine’s strength is providing highly visual inspiring experience and informative content. But behind all that there is a strong message that we want to put across. Through its interview life stories, we want to encourage women to take charge of their lives and destiny. To showcase powerful business journeys that inspire, give confidence and encouragement to take control and change the direction, if necessary, in order to fulfil dreams and live a happy life.

The magazine is written by real women and bloggers, who became experts and authorities in their own niches through years of experience in their professional and personal life. We only pick the best contributors we can find and hence each month our issues feature exclusive content that doesn’t become predictable.

Our readers are women between 34 - 55 mainly married with children who love shopping, decorating, style, travel, books, art and design. Currently we have around 15,000 reads and our contributors combined audience is 60,000 followers. 

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I'm an interior designer passionate about colour and pattern. My signature look embraces style through colour, pattern and texture to help creating modern eclectic family homes. 
My services include interior design consultations, design for kids and designer's day. I'm the founder of ESTILA magazine. I also write on my blog, INSIDE KB STUDIO, where I write about modern eclectic interiors, art and smart designs. It's also a place where I share my design expertise and knowledge.